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Simplemente la Historia en El Salvador

Antes de llevar a cabo el entrenamiento en Costa Rica la misión Simply the Story va a estar impartiendo el mismo entrenamiento en El Salvador.  Aquí les compartimos el tríptico de promoción de El Salvador.










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Tribe to Tribe (T2T)










Tribe to Tribe… A Revolution in Tribal Missions!


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Tribe to Tribe (T2T)

The conference will be held from July 2nd at 6:00 p.m to July 5th July, 2015 in the afternoon. We will be inviting a maximum of 4 Christian reps from each of the tribal peoples of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. That is a total of 18 tribes or 72 tribal representatives. Our goal will be between (90+ persons including, staff and 5 observers). Also for your information there will be a second event from the 6th-10th of the same month, called Simply the Story. It is a training event and will be limited to 30 people capacity.

The organizing committee has met several times and is planning the details of the event. The conference has the following objectives:

  • Motivate and train the indigenous pastors and leaders of the tribal churches of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua to obey the great commission in their own nation (people group) and beyond their own nation to be a blessing to other tribal peoples in Latin America and around the world.

  • Create a Christian inter-tribal network in Central America that provides information in order to continue this great commission vision into the future through other national and international tribal seminars, conferences, consultations, training and events.

  • Encourage greater indigeneity in our tribal church movement (ethnodoxology, tribal music, dance and art, leadership models and territorial development from the grass roots. We also urgently need to work on viable models of truly indigenous churches in Central America)

  • Lay the groundwork for a Tribe to Tribe training center for first nation peoples with a vision for missions. Said center will also seek to provide cross cultural training experiences to Hispanic and other ethnic missionary candidates. If we are to sustain a great commission movement to finish the task internally and to begin to recruit train and send indigenous missionaries to other tribes they must be trained well and in an indigenous as well as a bi-cultural bridge context in one of our Latin American urban centers.

  • Train our indigenous peoples from Central American in Biblical Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution. Due to our experience of continual intra-tribal conflict we have invited brother Steven Moore from Argentina/USA with Wycliffe Bible Translators who has a global ministry in the area of conflict resolution.

  • Provide viable opportunities for our first nation or tribal peoples for missionary training and service among other tribal groups in Latin America and around the World. We will be inviting key mission organizations to have exhibits and also to do workshops at the event. We would hope that your “To Every Tribe” could partner with us at HIMF and other mission organizations in order to make this vision a reality.


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