Trucha Apache – Una Trucha Autóctona de los Territorios Apaches en EE.UU.

La trucha Apache es una trucha autóctona y totalmente indémica para el estado de Arizona y orgullo de la tribu de nativo americanos los Apaches.  Para más información sobre los apaches! Clic aquí.


Source: Apache Trout – Western Native Trout

¿Por Qué Aprender Tu Lengua Materna? | En Inglés

Noam Chomsky explica la importancia de Aprender la Lengua Materna de uno mismo.  Este vídeo está en inglés. [Nota a nuestros lectores: No comparto la filosofía, ni la política de Noam Chomsky! para nada] [I don´t share Noam Chomsky´s philosophy or political orientation at all!]


Why learn Noam Chomsky Wampanoag from OurMotherTongues on Vimeo.

500 Naciones – the Story of the Native Americans Part 1

Executive Producers Jim Wilson and Kevin Costner. Hosted by Kevin Costner.

Trail of Tears – Native American History –

Like so much from History Channel please use viewer discretion as secular histories are often laden with modernist revisionism and myth. I was so touched by pastor Sue Chancellors message at Tribe to Tribe in July, 2015 in Costa Rica that I thought it would good for our English speakers to view this video.

Find out more about the history of Trail of Tears, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on

Source: Trail of Tears – Native American History –

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Conservation’s links to eugenics

Survival Director exposes dark legacy of the U.S. conservation movement.

On the 99th anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service today, August 25, Survival exposes the dark legacy of the U.S. conservation movement that led to the eviction of thousands of Native Americans from national parks – and which continues to be exported around the world today.

In an article published in U.S. journal Truthout, Survival’s Director Stephen Corry reveals how today’s conservation model was based on theories of eugenics and mistaken claims that tribal peoples’ lands are “wildernesses,” even though tribal peoples have been dependent on, and managed them, for millennia.

Oglala Lakota chief Luther Standing Bear said, “Only to the white man was nature a wilderness … to us it was tame. Earth was bountiful.”

Tribal peoples are the best conservationists and guardians of the natural world. Many U.S. parks involved the eviction of Native Americans, and the subsequent loss of their sophisticated land management techniques. The environment has almost always suffered as a result.

Source: Conservation’s links to eugenics exposed on Park Service anniversary – Survival International